We are fully compliant with California State Laws SB420 and Prop 215, and we only deliver to qualified medical marijuana patients with a current, valid recommendation. We carry a full selection of medical cannabis including flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, hash, and CO2-extracted oils, and we do NOT carry anything extracted with butane.

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It only takes 10 minutes to become a member of High Desert 420.

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Step 1. Get Verified with High Desert 420.

We have 3 ways of getting verified.

1. Complete the online membership form, Online Submission Submit your info via text message during our business hours to begin the verification process.

2. Text a picture of your Recommendation (paper one with seal), CA ID, delivery address to 760-488-7199.

3. Email a picture of your Recommendation (paper one with seal), CA ID, your delivery address and phone number to hd420go@gmail.com

Step 2. Print out and sign the High Desert 420 Member Application Packet to give to the driver. If you donít have access to a printer, the driver will provide a copy for you.

High Desert 420 Member Application

Step 3. Give us approx. 20 minutes or less to verify your recommendation and then will call you confirm your membership. All patients must be members of High Desert 420 before we can answer any questions in regards to medicine.

Are you a little curious about what to expect on your first delivery?

View our FAQS page for the whole scoop.

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