We are fully compliant with California State Laws SB420 and Prop 215, and we only deliver to qualified medical marijuana patients with a current, valid recommendation. We carry a full selection of medical cannabis including flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, hash, and CO2-extracted oils, and we do NOT carry anything extracted with butane.

Find Your Voice

Safe access to any medicine should be a basic human right but in the High Desert, safe access of this medicinal plant is hard to get. Many City and County officials have acknowledged the medicinal value of this plant, but remain silent. Cannabis is not going anywhere because Prop 215 patients need their medication. We the people of the High Desert need city officials to craft and enforce workable ordinances for collectives and their members.

It can be hard to advocate for something that has such a stigma attached to it for so long. Most people wont show support for cannabis out of fear of social and/or political risk involved while others are unwilling to educate themselves on the medicinal uses and instead focus on falsehoods and misconceptions.  

High Desert 420 stands with and advocates on behalf of each of their members rights for safe access to cannabis!

High Desert 420 invites you to join the Cannabis Revolution and stand with High Desert 420 and fight for your right to safe access of your medication!!!

High Desert 420 will keep you posted on social media upcoming events that we will be attending and hope you can STAND WITH US YOUR VOICE COUNTS!!!

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